Areas   of   Practice

       Loss and Transition
If you've suffered a recent loss, whether through death, diagnosis, or life change, your road to healing is personal. I see my role as your healing partner; creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for you to grieve and mourn and begin a healthy healing process. As we get to know each other, we will together determine a plan to guide you through your healing process while respecting your time and unique needs. Work can be time-limited or more open ended. Clinical strategies are always individually tailored and may include psychodynamic, cognitive, mind-body and family-oriented modalities.

       Anxiety, Depression and Daily Coping
Managing anxiety and depression can be all consuming, robbing you of the pleasures of daily living. Though an initial evaluation we will determine if talk therapy alone or in combination with pharmacological care is advised. In cases where pharmacology seems appropriate, I can refer you to a psychopharmacologist with whom we will work collaboratively. In our work together I will utilize an integrative method of talk therapy that emphasizes the healing power of our relationship and is at the same time pragmatic, offering strategies for symptom reduction in daily living.

       Relationship concerns
Struggling with a relationship, whether it be with an intimate partner, parent, child, friend, or colleague can create enormous daily stress. First steps in the therapy process will involve gaining clarity. Sometimes clarity comes easily and other times with more difficulty, but most importantly, it is the essential ingredient for moving forward. In helping you find clarity I will use an interview style that is supportive, empathic and non threatening, working at a pace that best suits you. One clarity is established, next steps are designed to help you develop skills to enhance the quality of your relationships (whether it be those that brought you in, or others) and your overall sense of well being. I can work with you individually or as a couple or family using strategies from a variety of family and interpersonal oriented models of practice.