Common   Questions

  1. Is therapy right for me?
    It is common to feel ambivalent about entering therapy especially in a society that emphasizes autonomy and control. Finding the right therapist and feeling a sense of trust and connection is a crucial part of overcoming ambivalence. That first telephone call may help determine if I am the right therapist for you. Our first meeting ought to be thought of as a consultation where you can see how I work, and I can better understand your struggle.

  2. How long will the process take?
    Together we will determine the amount of time that is right for you. Each individual, couple and family is unique, thus there is no one-size fits all model in which the timeframe can be pre-determined.

  3. Will there be confidentiality?
    Professional ethics require confidentiality except in cases where there is risk of harm to self or others.

  4. What are the fees?
    Fees can vary depending on individual situations and are determined prior to the first session.